Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spotting Dew

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 12

Spotting Dew

            I need a better scanner, since the shading is barely showing up on this one.  And there is a lot of shading.  I actually acquired a shading pencil and one of those white sticks that blends it all in.  I loved the effect and I’m quite disappointed that it doesn’t show up in the scan. 

            This was my first attempt at a “dew drop” effect.  If I were to wager on the main booboo in this one, it would be that I made the line around the drop too thick.  I’ve noticed in other pieces that the outline of the drop is usually very thin, to the point of being barely visible.

            Regardless, half way through this piece I started using my new pen set.  Good Bye Sharpies! Loving the new dimensions.
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