Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Zentangle Mugs as Easter Gifts

Zentangle mugs as Easter gifts

Zentangle Easter Mugs
Zentangle Easter Mugs

I’ve been slacking on the challenges this week because I’ve been working on this lovely little Easter mugs.  I forgot how hard it was to go from tiny-tipped micron pens to big, clumsy, temperamental oil based sharpies.  What a difference, and not a good one.  But by the second mug I got a “handle” on it again, sort of.  I did have an incident with the marker exploding paint all over one of them, but I worked with it, for that is the Zentangle way. Ommmmm. ;)

For all my tips and tricks of working with sharpies on porcelain, see this post. It covers everything.

After hours of painstaking messiness, I cooked em and filled them with “Easter Grass” and some chocolate eggs.  I think they make a funky little gift for Easter, or Spring, or whatever you might celebrate at this time of year.


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