Saturday, 4 February 2017

2nd Attempt at Jo's Dreamy Process

2nd Attempt at Jo's Dreamy Process

So here I go again on my own (you can thank me for that ear worm later). This time I used prismacolor watercolour pencils instead of distress inks.  Maybe it's the paper, maybe it's just me, but I preferred working with my distress inks and foil and bottle caps.  At least that piece did what I wanted it to do, where as with the watercolors here, they didn't always behave as expected.  It also took a whole lot more layers to get what I was going for.  It was a lot harder to get the colours to POP!

But enough of the complaining - at least I learned that the watercolour pencils work quite differently than the distress inks, and as long as I remember that, this was not a wasted effort. But holy hell it took a lot of time! (There I go complaining again, I truly thought I was done with that.)

I did still keep with my minimalist theme, and used the bottle caps again as well as just one brush.

So here is the lineart:

And here is part of the colour done, after so many layers I nearly went blind...  I used a white watercolour pencil to brighten the middles, then blended it.  I thought diluting the centers with more water would do the trick, but alas, it did not.

And here is the finished piece

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